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This Holiday Season

Upon this unusual holiday season, we wanted to bring you the story of one of our clients, and how far a little gesture can go:

DayBreak’s Rapid Response Case Management team is leading a tradition of sending Birthday greeting cards to all of our clients. The cards are being signed by all the team members, with their own personal wishes to their client.

Recently, we’ve sent a card to Mr. L, one of our new clients. Mr. L was referred to us by Eden Hospital, after multiple visits to the ER. We found out that this 85 years old gentleman is caring for his disabled son, while struggling with his own health issues. Our case management team started working with Mr. L and his son to provide them with the support they needed, but building rapport with them, especially during these challenging days where almost all the communication is being done over the phone was really difficult!

And then we got this card in the mail:

This small gesture really made the difference for Mr. L! Today, He allows our team to support him and walk by his side, knowing that there are people out there that really care for him and see him during these dark times in his life.

We feel grateful to be able to support Mr. L, but we keep on thinking about the many others, like Mr. L, that did not receive a birthday card this year, and are not sure if there is someone out there that will care for them during these days.

To support our effort to keep our elderly community healthy, safe and connected during these days, please consider donating to DayBreak today! Your donation will go towards meeting basic needs like food, clothing and medications for elders in need.

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