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Webinar: Geriatrician's Guide to Caring for Family Member with Dementia

Webinar: Geriatrician's Guide to Caring for Family Member with Dementia

Welcome to our webinar featuring Dr. Lucia Kim, MD, MPH, where she shares valuable insights on caregiving, dementia, and the essential elements of self-care. In this recorded session from February 15, 2024, Dr. Kim explores critical topics, including understanding dementia, managing daily needs of caregivers, preserving brain health, and effective strategies for handling challenging behaviors. Key Topics Covered: 1. Understanding Dementia: Unravel the complexities of dementia and its progressive stages. 2. Daily Needs: The basics of caregiving, covering nutrition, hygiene, physical activities, medication, and sleep. 3. Preserving Brain Health: Explore tips on maintaining cognitive well-being and the goals of care prioritization. 4. Managing Difficult Behaviors: Learn non-medication approaches to address challenging behaviors and decipher unmet needs. 5. Self-Care for Caregivers: Discover the importance of taking care of yourself, avoiding burnout, and seeking support. Resources: This webinar is brought to you by DayBreak Adult Care, Alameda County. For weekly newsletters, monthly webinars, and free caregiver support groups, contact (510) 834-8314. Presenter: Dr. Lucia Kim highly recommends the Health In Aging website by the American Geriatric Society for caregivers: Health In Aging: šŸ‘‰ Subscribe to our channel for more insightful webinars, and hit the notification bell to stay updated on upcoming events! #Caregiving #DementiaAwareness #HealthInAging #SelfCare #DayBreakAdultCare #CaregiverSupport

Our 2023 Educational Webinar series shares resources and caregiving skills with Family Caregivers.

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