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DayBreak Adult Care

At DayBreak we strive to build an inclusive, welcoming and supportive community of care for older adults, people with disability and their family caregivers, who wish to stay at home in their community while aging.

We ensure a broader access to quality care through case management, our information & assistance warm line, fall prevention, medication safety, nutrition, family caregiver support and counseling, and Respite Care.

Quality of life, dignity and the right for self-determination are in the heart of our work with our clients & community.

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Our Mission

Located in Alameda County, DayBreak is dedicated to expanding the awareness, availability and quality of adult community based services through outreach and advocacy, community partnerships and quality program development and support. 

Through our programs and community partners, we help seniors and adults with disabilities continue to live at home by providing a welcoming community that fosters health and wellness - and supports families and caregivers.

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