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Family Caregiver Support 

Being a caregiver to your family member is a very difficult job, that requires training, education and support, yet many caregivers do not feel they receive the support they need to do this job!  The physical, emotional and financial burden could be overwhelming, and caregivers often feel very isolated and lonely in their caregiving role. Caregiving is a very personal journey, and yet, this is a journey that so many of us are sharing!


At DayBreak, we understand that you need someone to walk beside you and support you while you support your loved one! We offer a very comprehensive and individualized support, to address your needs in a way that will be most comfortable for you!


Our services include:

  • Bi-weekly Zoom check-in forums: offer an on-going support group, where you can meet other caregivers, share your experience and feel supported and connected to others who share this journey with you.

  • Short term counseling over the phone: where you can consult with our experts on pressing issues related to your caregiving role.

  • Information & Assistance Warm Line: to help you navigate resources and find the right help for you and your loved one. Please call: 510-834-8314

  • Comfort Calls: offer social-emotional support to you while you care for your loved one. 

  • ‘Caring for the Caregiver’: Education and Support Program. (Please see information about the program and enrollment in the dedicated page on the Programs tab).

To learn more about our services and the ways we can support you,

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